Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finals Suck

I'm sure you guys have noticed I haven't posted lately.  Finals are to blame.  A few nights of 3 hours of sleep and lots of studying has been the name of the game of late.  I did get some exercise in though - serious bike ride this past Thursday, and a nice hike on Saturday.  Since then I've been in seclusion - started studying Monday and had a final Wednesday and today.  Now I'm all done!

But I'm going out of town for a week, a trip to San Francisco to be exact.  Look for the nextpost maybe on May 13 - the day before my graduation.  If the arrival of family causes that to be untennable, I'll definitely be in the gym May 15, the day after graduation.  Once that's over with, my super-busy schedule subsides, and I should be back on my normal lifing schedule.  Just wanted to let people know I haven't abandoned this blog, I'm just gonna be out of town for a while.. so its on hold for a bit :).

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chest/Shoulders/Traps/Forearms Today

Yeah, that's right! I'm back to doing a lifting split. My last two workouts went well enough, and my level of soreness was low enough, that I decided today I'm ready to start lifting *for real* again. Today's workout was pretty good but not my best. I was feeling just a bit blah and a little weak. I think it was likely from the near all-nighter I pulled night before last (big final, got around 3hrs sleep), followed by 10hours of sleep last night.. My body was a bit like "wha??" and I probably wasn't all there in the gym. Still a good workout though. Increased weight a little in most stuff, except shoulders. Reason for that is two fold - (1) I did way more chest, and chest works shoulders too, so by the time I got to them, they were already a bit tired and (2) My shoulder was doing its annoying clicking thing today. Other that though, I'm pleased with how the workout went.

Note: You'll see the term "superset" with some of the exercises. For those of you not into lifting, a superset is where you do exercise A followed by B with little rest. Thats one set. So 2 sets of the superset would be A,,B.

Here's the numbers:

DB Flat Bench Press - 8@55, 6@50
-superset with-
DB Incline Bench Press - 8@45, 7@40
Flat DB Fly - 8@30

Shoulders / Traps:
DB Shoulder Press - 7@30, 7@30
-superset with-
DB Front Raise - 8@15, 7@15

DB Wrist Curls - 10@20
DB Reverse Wrist Curls - 10@15

*Assisted Dips - 10@ -80

*These hit shoulders, chest, and triceps.. figured they'd be a good way to finish things off. Generally you do dips with body weight, but I'm too weak and weigh too much for that to be effective... So I use the assist machine which basically subtracts bodyweight.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Speed workout!

Today's lifting session was definitely an inadvertent speed workout.  By speed workout, I mean very little rest in between sets.  Basically, the gym closed at 6 today, and I got there right around 5:25.  After stretching, this left me about 28 minutes to actually lift.  Given that my workouts generally take 45min - 1hr15min (and thats excluding stretching), that definitely qualifies as speed.  Normally I'd be a little POed about having to rush, but since I did another full body prep workout today, I figured the speedup wouldn't be a bad change of pace.

I was very happy with my performance today.  Despite the lack of rest between sets (which usually means you end up having to drop the weight a bit) and despite the fact I just hit everything Wednesday, I actually upped my weight on EVERYTHING.  My strength is already flooding back, which is pretty hot.  I did mostly the same exercises today as last time, but made a few changes and left a few things out due to the time limitation.

Also, I'm not going to list my warmup sets anymore, they don't matter any :).

   Seated DB curl - 8@40
   DB Concentration curl - 8@30

   DB Flat bench press - 10@50
   DB Incline bench press - 10@40

   DB Shoulder press - 9@35

   Cable rope pulldown - 9@100

   Leg press -10@300 (I felt super strong on this, coulda done a lot more :D)

   Calves on leg press machine - 18@300

   Lat pulldown, neutral grip - 9-10@112.5

Current bodyweight: not measured
Current status: slow cut.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in training. Its hot but I'm weak!

Well, its official. I'm back in the gym, as of today. Today's workout was pretty hot, but DAMN I'm weak. You'd think I'd never lifted before. Oh well, that's what 2 months of *no* lifting, preceded by about 1.5 years of slacking will do to a guy. So, try not to laugh too hard at my numbers.

Today, I basically did a full body workout. Yeah, yeah, I know, I never do full body workouts - I do a hardcore lifting split. But I figured with the long layoff, a little of everything all at once would be just the ticket to get my muscles prepped. So, I'm calling this a preparation phase. I'll do a similar workout Friday, then go ahead and hit the split next week. As I mentioned above, my weights here flat blow. In my defense though, they aren't TOO far off from my old numbers, and I did go a *little* light since it was my first time in a while. No sense paralyzing myself, right? Well, without further ado...

Note: For anything with dumbbells (denoted by "DB"), the weight is per arm. So total weight would be x2.
Seated DB Curl - 8@15 (warmup); 10@35
Standing DB Curl - 8@25

DB Flat Bench Press - 11@45
DB Incline Bench Press - 10@35

DB Shoulder Press - 10@30

Overhead Tricep Press - 9@50

Squat - 7@135
Calf raise, 2 leg - 20 (bodyweight)
Calf raise, 1 leg - 12 per leg (bodyweight)

Cable row - 8@50 (warmup); 10@100
Lat pulldown - 8@50 (warmup); 9@112.5

DB Shrugs - 10@45

Current bodyweight - 238lbs
Status - slow cut